Your purpose in life is to be who YOU are. - Joseph Campbell

My new favorite one ingredient pasta!!
Super healthy.
You create your life.
We all have stories. And, we all can make decisions to create new realities.

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I've reveled and relished in summer. I had a love affair with the freedom of July, and I settled with a smile into the ripeness of August ... read more

Letting Go of Summer, and harvesting your sensuality, spirit and connectedness to nature by harvesting the autumn transition!



Is Perfectionism Holding You Back?

Guest Post, By Life Coach, Michelle Leath


Tiny Tao Tuesday!

Failure is an more

Failure is an opportunity

If you blame someone else,

There is no end to the blame... continue



What is YOUR hunger?

The Truth about Body, Food, Nourishment & Sensuality

Check inside for my own story & Your Mini-Class from Anita Johnston, PhD


Feeling Into Your Body

Recognizing Your Own Authentic Power

Which feminine qualities are you blocking in your life?



Spa for the Soul: Weekend Women's Retreat

Listen to internet radio with Be The Sky on Blog Talk Radio

Relationships, Men, Codependency

& Healing Your Past

Welcome! Best-Selling Author John Lee, featured on Oprah, Dr. Oz, The View, CNN and many more

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Tiny Tao Tuesday!

5 Ways to Live in Obscurity, and How Obscurity can Change Your Life 

When was the last time you had hurt feelings? Felt belittled? How to live in authentic, quiet confidence... read more


Exciting News!! Infinite Possibility's Rebecca Busca hooked up with award-winning music writer, Beth Blatt- right here at!

Check out our interview with Beth Blatt, and find out how you can be a featured artist at Hope Sings, purchase music, and be a part of micro-finance for women around the world!

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Is it possible to dream wrong?


We are the reflection of every other woman. Check out Be The Sky's tribute to women supporting women. Elizabeth Jordan's Photography, Zainab Salbi's Women for Women International


Click -> Zen Your Body, Zen Your Life

Beth Leone Inspires Physical Movement and Truest Strength in Everyone Who Comes into Her Path



What's your Story-Style?

Photo: Dr. Joan Borysenko


Oprah's Friends Tell Us Why You Should Take the Fool's Leap

& Celebrate Your Inner Fool, at Omega NYC

I had the pleasure of spending an entire weekend with Elizabeth Lesser, Geneen Roth, & Joan Borysenko.


Video~ 10 Minutes to more Clarity & Confidence: Jenn & Alison Hummel

See you on the inside for 4 Easy Steps to begin Clearing Your Clutter and Get to Your Truth & Dreams



Resilience & Renewal!

How does your body love to move?

Super Easy, Super Quick & Silly

~Ways to Move Your Body~

Tell me how your body wants to move.

Mine, loves to Dance...

Why I am Just Like John Travolta, and how you can be too ;)


Be a Part of The Loudest Silence

Who are The Invisible Children and How You Can Help Create Change!

'Break the Silence' Details from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.



What does it Really Mean to Be A Man?

Video Interview with Boysen Hodgson, of the ManKind Project:

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This is the introductionclick here for the 4 parts.

"There is always more for you to expand into."


Photo Courtesy of the United Nations Photos-

Caption: First day of voting in southern Sudan. Click Photo.

Click here to ~> Celebrate Women at Infinite Possibility! We're so excited to be up and running for this 100th anniversary!


Boom! Fireworks.

Working for and Lifting Up Women is my Soul's Work.

Why you should notice each time you fall a little bit

into love, with anything.

~Your Own Journal Page in link~

Again, my eyes close, as they always do when I realize I’m falling in love, the waves crash down onto the warm sand and upon my legs.  The sky wraps itself around the earth, the earth never forgetting about the infinity that envelops every inch of all it is. There, toes and legs in the sand, I witness every little thing in sight being kissed by infinity. I listen, it speaks to me, and I fall in love.


Let's Get Started!

And...Why You're Going to Give Up. And, Then, What to Do.


From Romania: Fearless and Creative, Rebecca Busca shares with us her soulful writing that longs to connect through our human spiritual oneness.
Her Music!  Nothing but truth- Let her SPARK, spark YOU.


You already have rituals in your life- Now amp them up to bring the life YOU want, to you~


The ManKind Project

Who are the Role Models for Men?

Do Men Want Something More? Of Course They Do.


~Dublin Bound~


Cover the World with Leather...


I'm Addicted to Evolving. Or, I'm Flighty.


The Woman inside of You-->Ask the woman inside you... do it for your truth... and what does she say?




Maybe you're here to talk, maybe you're here to be a silent reader and listener... either way- YOU are supporting yourself AND others as we journey towards BEING everything we were meant to be in this world.



- Post your creativity over at Be You: Post Your Art, Art: True YOU



Infinite Possibility: Be The Sky, LLC

We are the Reflection of Every Other Woman



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