Quiz: What Story Are You Telling? 10 Ways to Know Your Story Style

Do You React Resiliently or Regressively?

10 Ways to Know

What I learned about Story-Types From Dr. Joan Borysenko, at Omega NYC

Borysenko is a Psychoneuroimmunologist, Author & Wellness Pioneer

People don't heal when they hang on to regrets and resentments. Change is a rite of passage from one stage to another. Learn to co-create with the future that wants to emerge!


Do you have a regressive story? Or, alternatively, a resilience story?

By recognizing your story style, you can peel the layers away to uncover your personal resilience.

Print and Check Off Your Answers. Remember to be honest with yourself, because that is the Core of Attracting Deepest Truth into your world.



10 ways to know if you have a regressive story:

  • You often feel that you are the victim. 
  • You place blame.
  • You are attracted to drama. 
  • You often feel helplessness.
  • You believe you are being punished.
  • You often feel that you are not enough or that you don't have enough. 
  • You take things very personally. 
  • Negative feelings or events pervade all or many areas of your life and being. 
  • You feel pessimistic.
  • You project consequences into the future.


10 ways to know if you have a resilience story:

  • You practice living authentically.
  • You leave space for the unknown. 
  • You are realistic.
  • You dispute the story you tell yourself: 'Is it true that this situation is so horrible?'
  • You have a healthy, realistic optimism.
  • You wonder, 'What can I learn from this situation? How will I grow from _______________?' What else do I want to know about myself?
  • You are aware that you have control over your reactions.
  • You stay in your feelings. Do you engage with the situation or run away?
  • You see situations as challenges, rather than threats.
  • You become aware of your responses, and then choose a response that will allow you to grow.


There is an indistinguishable light in everyone that might have been covered over. Observe how you act and move in this world. Unpeel the layers until you feel your light. And when you do feel your light? Continue to leap, and continue to peel away more layers, because you are infinite. Feel the excitement that comes with discovering all you are, and all you are meant to be to this world.


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You can Email me privately or comment about your realizations about your story style






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